expand your Personal awareness of psychology, tech and your fit with opportunities —  and advance your probabilities for success


Today’s tech and societal shifts create opportunities for new and bolder design, new hybrid business models and new social and business style and outcomes. However, this calls for young professionals to gain deeper personal understanding of key aspects earlier — of design, perceptions and people challenges, and broader awareness across disciplines. This, because the Cross-discipline Creative is then able to better leverage today’s amazing access to information, and more easily explore opportunities rapidly with quick sketching, AI, computer design, mock-ups and 3D printing, and better convey and expand your ideas and concepts with others. This expands capabilities for success whether your interests are Art, Food and Entertainment, Software, Tech, Service Business, Engineering, Architecture, Manufacturing, Logistics or other. Advance yourself and your friends as a power base for cross-discipline thinking, innovation and “next level” outcomes. 


Think Deeper, Grow Personally and Connect with Cross-Discipline Creatives — And Expand Innovation!



Russ Strong works across industries, across the engineering, arts and styling/design fields, across “making” and management consulting. A proven innovator with over 60 patents and major products in use around the world, Russ believes in broadened awareness, awareness of fields and experiences outside of your normal — to better connect insights from across STEM, arts, business, psychology, anthropology, policy, education, health, wellness, and community.  Join Russ as he brings his experience and inspiration to helping you advance your innovation power and creative differentiation in life endeavors.


8-week course

— or 16-week course

Utilize the 8-week course format to fit your studies here into a summer time frame — or hold yourself to more rapidly working through this material and growing your innovation capabilities. Do this course with a friend and advance your grasp of concepts ever more firmly via discussing together the key review points provided.

Utilize the 16-week course format to fit your studies here to a college semester time frame. During this, or equivalent period, you will develop a notable advance in your innovation capabilities. If you do this course as a team with other students, your efforts together will further enhance your growth as a cross-discipline innovator.


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Group Study opportunity

This course is structured well for groups desiring to hold in-person review & panel discussions on study topics every 2 weeks  

SUggestion:  organize 2 regional leaders/mentors to lead these sessions (each experienced in the disciplines and topics of the 2 weeks to be reviewed). Advantage: this will both advance the connectivity of a students/”creatives” and a Region’s Mentors — and expand probabilities in regional economic development

Lead a group program with your young people of talent and creativity on a 8 or 16 week workshop course on increasing innovation. Expand your ability to imagine and execute business goals that include differentiating yourself from competition — whether in engineering, marketing, retail, architecture, food services and other businesses.




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