Integrated Vision Inc pursues opportunities in design and innovation, both within Industrial Design support of industry clients and product development of our own and with partners.

Russ Strong founded Integrated Vision after 15 years of engineering and R&D leadership with Sperry and Ford New Holland, then transition into Industrial Design — with Integrated Vision receiving contract for global styling of Fiat’s newly combined FiatAgri and Ford New Holland. Today, Integrated Vision brings experience and resource connections from over 80 industry programs with industry leaders such as CNH (New Holland, CaseIH), John Deere, Caterpillar, AGCO (Massey Ferguson, Fendt, Challenger), DR Power, Vasa and others. Lead inventor on over 60 patents, Russ brings unique support to engineering. In styling, Russ excels in expanding on a brand’s existing design cues — on trends and leading. Russ’ work is integrated within teams, balancing pushing the envelope on features and program speed — connecting design talent and supplier support — and executing refined outcomes for production and market success. Russ also aspires to help others advance their careers (see his online course “Growing the ‘YOU’ of Innovation Power”).

Expand Your Team’s Innovation & Outcomes


Industrial Design/styling support

Developing Refined Tech-Integrated Products

Tap into Russ Strong’s experience and cross-industries insights to help execute your next product development project — from quick project look at design and feature opportunities, to full program from idea through prototyping, to production. Russ brings his combined engineering and styling talent — and a network of proven design, CAD resources and prototyping as required — aiding your team in rapidly and cost effectively producing industry-leading results.

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Design and innovation seminars

Advance Your Team’s Innovation & Design Execution

Russ Strong has provided innovation and design seminars for companies from small startups to Fortune 500 program leadership. The material covered, and examples provided, generate discussion and new perspectives on the range of factors within the team environment that increase our probabilities of innovation. This includes how ideas are accepted or rejected and why. On design, Russ provides insights into styling/design “tricks”, materials and processes advancing value perceptions, and associated cost/tooling impacts.   

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innovation WORKSHOPS

Get Russ Strong with Your Team and IDEATE at a Deeper Level 

Like the board game “Settlers of Catan”, the challenge is making the most of your “resources” and “settlements” (existing products) — and growing strategically. Similar, engaging innovation “resources” (perspectives, talent and experience) “builds roads” and produces new “settlements” (ideas, concepts and design). With IV, Russ Strong adds his experience and industry insights — and facilitates putting “meat on the bones”, going that step beyond the wall of sticky notes and nailing down value outcomes and outlining actions.

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