Today’s tech and societal shifts create opportunities for new and bolder design, new hybrid business models and new social and business outcomes. Russ Strong sees today’s CAD software, AR, AI, 3D printing, robotics, autonomy, networked systems, advanced manufacturing and logistics — combined with community engagement — as a power base for cross-discipline thinking and “next level” outcomes, expanding innovation ecosystems. 


Think Deeper, Advance and Connect Cross-Discipline Creatives* — And Expand Innovation!

Russ Strong works across industries, across the engineering, arts and styling/design fields, across “making” and management consulting. A proven innovator with over 60 patents and major products in use around the world, Russ believes in innovating with increased connectivity across social, corporate and entrepreneurial levels — better connecting STEM, arts, business, psychology, anthropology, policy, education, health and wellness, and community.  Join Russ in opportunities below, or engage Russ to bring his experience, inspiration and connections and help you achieve higher outcomes with your projects.

Russ Strong Speaking and Ideation

Schedule Russ to inspire your group with a talk tailored to bring you a depth of experience and insights, connecting tech and trends — and expand outcomes of your group’s innovation sessions.

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Online Learning: “Growing the ‘YOU’ of Innovation Power”

Use this online e-book course to deliver what is still missing in today’s curriculums; what really expands our ability to connect wide-ranging ideas, talents and expertise — to be power Creatives*, generating exciting actions and outcomes.

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Use Course as a Serious Growth Tool for Your School or Organization

Design and Innovation

Engage IV’s industrial design and concept development support on your project, with Russ Strong providing ideation, view to styling trends and development of design details —  along with insight to latest tech and connecting you with top industry fab and prototyping resources.

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A City & the Future

Are you passionate about design of future low-mass vehicles and playing a role in “what’s coming”? Maybe your passion is the many secondary and social impacts you see opening up with change here. Would you like to help create a bold whole-view city/social program? 

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Create a Company

Are you driven to play a major role in creating a new company? Maybe you have a team looking to start a company, but need a dynamic product, market strategy and industry connections.

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Arts, Tech & Wellness for Veterans Community

Turn a passion for service to the Veteran and Disability Communities into a leadership or support role in bringing together regional talents, leading technologies and national organizations to create a “game changer”. 

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Highlighting Russ’ Online Course of Innovation:

For “YOU” in this:  Advance learning, connections, career value and success! 

For ORGANIZATIONS:  Learn how to better utilize Cross-Discipline Creatives* — and win bigger!


*Definition:  Creative, noun   (by Russ)

– a creative person who excels in producing novel and successful outcomes, ideas, concepts, products and programs. This can be in design, engineering, art, architecture, community, marketing, management, health and wellness and others. Example: “as cross-discipline Creatives, they envision futures, connect ideas, and innovate with broader and holistic perspectives”.

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